International Coperation

WASME is entitled to send its representatives to attend all concerned meetings of these organizations as well as those of regional commissions and various Expert Group Meetings, Symposia etc. convened by these agencies.

Policy Advocacy

WASME has been actively coordinating with all global stakeholders initiating dialogue and interactions at all possible forum to mitigate the multifaceted and multipronged challenges faced by the SMEs in developing and least developed countries.

Conferences & Seminar

WASME organizes conferences, seminars, exhibitions and business delegation that has been creating effective awareness among world SMEs about various pro –SMEs policies and strategies.

Training & Workshops

WASMEs training & workshops have helped limitless SMEs in strengthening their capabilities and skills in finance, enterprise development, rural development, marketing, trade relations, IPR, ISO standards, CSR and many more.

Research & Publication

WASMEs Research studies and publications offer in-depth insights and global update on SME news, events, policies & programmes, role and activities of SME, UN and support institutions activities etc, and are highly acclaimed by its readers

Skill & Entrepreneurship Development

WASME promotes skill and entrepreneurship development programmes in line with national SME development strategies that lays importance on enhancing entrepreneurial skills of budding Entreprenurers.