Interactions with Government Bodies

WASME Nominated on Important Committees: on Annual Union Budget of the Government of India related to the SME sector in India.

MSME Act, 2006, Government of India: In the year 2005, WASME was given an opportunity by the Office of the Development Commissioner (SSI), Ministry of Small Scale Industries, Government of India to express its views on theSmall and Medium Enterprises Development (SMED) Bill, 2005 for the Examination by the Department related Parliamentary Standing Committee.

WASME’s Specific Suggestions on the SMED Bill 2005

Interactions with Government Bodies

WASME, being headquartered in India, is looked upon by the Indian policy makers and SME promotional bodies to provide international inputs in their endeavor to develop SME conducive policies and programmes. Consequently, WASME is nominated on several important Committees of Government of India, Parliament and other organisations. Following were some of the important offices/ organisations where WASME nominated as member.

  • Sub-Committee of State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC), Uttar Pradesh for Export Promotion: Coordinator Bank of Baroda, India
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI) working group on Rehabilitation of Sick SMEs: Coordinator Punjab National Bank, India
  • All India Small Scale Industries Board, which includes Central Secretaries, and State Ministers of Industries.
  • Union Ministerof State for Small Scale Industries its Chairperson.
  • Several Committees of the Ministry of Small Scale Industries.
  • Nine-member Executive Committee of Bureau of Indian Standards, which has statutory powers to ensure quality production of industrial products.
  • National Productivity Council, Government of India.
  • National Advisory Committee of Small Industries Development Bank of India.

WASME presented many Memorandum

  • Memorandum presented on Formulation of National Policy on Rural Industrialisation to Prime Minister of India, 1996-97.
  • WASME presented Memorandum on SME Promotion to Abid Hussain Committee on Small Scale Sector in India: 1995.
  • NASA WASME Working Group: During the World Summit on Small Business, held on 29-31 March 2000, World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises – WASME & National Aeronautics and Space Administration – NASA initiated a Charter for ‘Working Group for Cooperation to establish a structure for general cooperation and coordination between the two organizations.

Manual on “International Best Practices for the Maximised Utilisation of Small and Medium Enterprises” unveiled
The Manual was officially unveiled at National Aeronautics and Space Administration – NASA Headquarters, Washington DC, USA on 1 August, 2002. It is intended for the use of governmental organisations and large private entities that desire to procure more goods and services from SMEs, including disadvantaged and women owned small businesses. It took NASA and WASME two years to complete the project, which was initiated in March 2000 by Ralph C. Thomas III, NASA, and WASME President, Ki Jung Ryu. After completion, Ralph Thomas and Secretary General of WASME indicated that the best practices illustrated in the manual are not dependent on any particular form of government, social, culture or political philosophy. Entities could adopt the best practices to fit their own unique circumstances.

Documentation and Information Service Centre (DISC)

DISC was established at WASME Headquarter in Noida, India to provide most current information on documents, journals, research papers, reports and studies on SMEs, besides international developments in the SME sector. Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) had financially supported the Documentation and Information Services Centre (DISC). It is a fully computerised and functional Centre and is working as a global interface in the field of information on markets and technology. Entrepreneurs, students, academicians, business organisations, associations and institutions involved in the development of the SME sector are utilising its services regularly. DISC provides access to latest information on markets, trade opportunities, technologies, investment opportunities and also documents, journals, research papers and studies on SMEs from different parts of the world. It has been rendering services such as:

  • Internet Searching
  • Information on external markets including supply of trade related materials
  • nformation on national and international exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences, etc.
  • Besides, it provides Current Awareness Services (CAS), Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), Press Clippings and On-line facilities to the users. This facility has been used by WASME members and others, such as SME associations, management institutes, banks, public and private libraries, state corporations and development institutions, exporters/importers and so on.

WASME International Committee on Craft Development Technology & Trade Promotion and Exchange Centre (TPX)

TPX – Technology & Trade Promotion and Exchange Centre was established at WASME Headquarter in Noida, India in 1997 with Computerized Data Bank, offering Industrial Technologies, Investment Promotion & Trade Opportunities. The TPX Service of WASME was first established in 1990 to strengthen industrial trade and technology cooperation amongst SMEs. Its activities encompass global cooperation. Its role as an intermediary in enterprise to enterprise cooperation had opened up new funds of information for the SME sector. This exercise was done through computerised match-making process so as to promote joint-ventures, business cooperation, technology transfers and enhancing market access.

  • International Linkages: TPX had Focal Points/Online/Offline/MOU/Service arrangements with a large number of international Databases/Network Service/Promotional Agencies for tracking global business opportunities and related information from about 150 organisations in over 110 countries.

Industrial Linkages

WASME had been enlisted as an Associate Member of UNIDO Industrial Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange (SPX) Club. The membership allows all members to network with UNIDO and to have access to a series of UNIDO Support Services and Networks, such as INTIB, WINS, TECHMART, and UNIDO SME Observatory etc.


Realizing the limitations of urban-based modern industrial sector to absorb additional labour, and consistent with international thinking of promoting rural non-farm sector as a solution to address the problem of unemployment and poverty, WASME had set up Rural Small Business Development Centre (RSBDC) to help generate self-employment opportunities within the rural areas in late 1998. The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of India (NABARD) had financially supported the Centre. RSBDC works for the benefit of socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and groups and provides management and technical assistance to both existing and potential small business owners in rural areas. The target groups cover the enterprise sector in its entirety i.e. manufacturing, marketing and service sectors. The Centre offered one-stop assistance to small enterprises by providing a wide variety of information, guidance and training in easily accessible locations.

    Services rendered by the Centre include:
  • Organising entrepreneurship motivation and development programmes as well as programmes for training of trainers.
  • Providing assistance in formulation of bankable projects.
  • Counselling and consultancy services for identification of appropriate and relevant technologies.
  • Facilitating tie-ups with established enterprises for marketing linkages.
  • Escort services to trainees to enable them to set up their own enterprises

WASME on Internet:

WASME established its presence on World Wide Web (WWW) on 26 December, 1997. Mr. Ashok Parthasarthy, the then Secretary (SSIA&RI), Government of India, inaugurated WASME’s Website in the presence of WASME’s past President, Mr. Hulas Chand Golcha, Nepal; Dr.Chakradhari Agrawal, former Secretary General; Mr. M. Ahmed, former Chairman & Managing Director, National Small Industries Corporation of India (NSIC) and Mr. N. K. Sharma, former Managing Director, National Research Development Corporation of India (NRDC).

WASME International Training Centre:

  • Mr. NarainDatt Tiwari, Former Chief Minister of Uttaranchal Province of India, laid the foundation stone for WASME International Training Centre amidst fanfare on February 12, 2003.
  • Present at the ceremony were, Mr. Ashok Pradhan, Former Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Government of India, Mr. JagdishNarain Rai, Former Minister for Small Scale Industries, Uttar Pradesh Province, India, Former Member of Planning Commission, Government of India, Dr. S. P. Gupta, Former Vice Presidents of WASME, Mr. Gideon Sagee and Ms. Marielou Guerrero, Dr.SailendraNarain, Former Principal Advisor, High Commissioner of Mauritius in India, Mr. DhaneelalSeewoo, Mr. Kenneth Robinson, Former Vice Chairman, Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses and Dr.Chakradhari Agrawal, Former Secretary General of WASME.
  • This centre was established with a view to strengthen the skills of SME promotional organisations to provide effective services to their supported SMEs. The Centre had also intended to organise programmes for and on technological upgradation and modernisation of SMEs
  • A display of products manufactured by rural youth trained by the WASME Rural Small Business Development Centre was also organised on this occasion and appreciated by all concerned Rural women turned up in large numbers. The programme was very well covered by the media, including television.