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Germany Visit April 14, 2016

Networking Meeting with Global Renewable Independent Power Suppliers (GRIPS), Berlin, Germany

WASME is to be a catalyst in strengthening National and International cooperation for the growth and development of SMEs in developed, developing and least developing countries across the world. In order to further advance, recently WASME delegations visited Germany for strengthening business opportunities and international cooperation with Germany.


The visit was supported and steered by H.E. Dr K Jankee, Ambassador of Mauritius in Germany, Sr. Economic Advisor and former Vice President, WASME.


WASME had networking meeting with Global Renewable Independent Supplier on April 14, 2016 at Berlin, Germany Grips is a one-stop shop for its energy customers that offers guidance for energy-efficient future by combining the activities of an independent power producer (“IPP”) and an energy service company (“ESCO”) and supply solutions for commercial and industrial energy solutions across all sectors with reliable, competitively priced, renewable-focused energy – grid-independent and 24/7.Grips also provide finances and implements the projects and foster economic growth in areas that are currently without stable energy supply and facilitate CO2-reduction.


The meeting was attended by Timon Herzog, COO - Renewable Energy & cooperation expert, GRIPS ArvidSeeberg-Elverfeldt, CFO- Corporate finance professional (Deutsche Bank M&A), GRIPS, MrGyanPrakashAgarwal - Secretary General, WASME, Ms. Sampa Banerjee – Executive Director, WASME & Ms. MeghaChadha- Project Coordinator, WASME.


The objective of the meeting was to identify the networking and collaboration opportunities with GRIPS in the Energy Efficiency Sector.


Mr. Herzog shared the company presentation and briefed about their core activities and achievements in the Energy sector. They shared the details on the significant projects with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in Germany and Renewable Energy beyond fossils and public grid that are implemented by team of International experts.


Ms. Sampa Banerjee, Executive Director, WASME introduced WASME to the GRIPS Management and various multifaceted activities are undertaken to promote SMEs across the world like events &programmes, training & workshops, research development, publications, conferences and seminars etc. She further shared WASME’s vision for expanding its activities in Germany to support and promote SMEs in Germany.


Both WASME and GRIPS shared their willingness to work together in the field of Energy sector and create roadmap for various collaboration mechanisms that are mutually beneficial for the SMEs in the energy sector of both the countries.


Networking Meeting with Arfika – Verein Der DeutshenWirtschaftev April 15, 2016, at Berlin, Germany.

On April 15, 2016, WASME had networking meeting with German–African Business Association Afrika-Verein der deutschenWirtschaft, which represents German companies in Africa and promotes exchange between German and African representatives from both business and politics, provides information about countries and markets and represents the interests of its more than 600 members nationally and internationally,


WASME has long history of working together with many African countries and is supporting SMEs in the African region since inception. Recently WASME has started promoting SMEs of Medical Device Industry in Africa and India. The networking meeting with Afrika-Verein der deutschenWirtschaft, was significant in this direction and expanding our activities in Germany in association with the Afrika-Verein der deutschenWirtschaft.


The meeting was attended by Mr. Francis Deslierres, MrGyanPrakashAgarwal - Secretary General, WASME, Ms. Sampa Banerjee – Executive Director, WASME & Ms. MeghaChadha- Project Coordinator, WASME.


While sharing about the company, Mr. Francis shared the strength of the company lies in strong networking with the business delegates, ministers, members and board members. The company is also part of European Union and specialized in Energy, Renewable energy, Light house industry. The company also has strong presence in Africa and caters to chemical products, pharmaceutical, export of machines across the world.


Mr. Francis stated that the Africa is continent of opportunities, while Germany is well organized in all sectors for SMEs. While sharing the New Idea of cooperation in 2016, Mr. Francis shared that the company is focusing on the health sector and organize annual health programme in Germany and Africa. Moreover, the company is also striving to create the e-learning platforms for supporting its members.


Ms. Sampa Banerjee, Executive Director, introduced WASME to the participants of the meeting and shared the various activities WASME has carried out in Africa in recent past and that development of SMEs in Africa is one of the strategic goal of WASME.


Meeting with CMC Real Estate and Global Consulting, Business Meeting with Africa Integrated Solution, April 16, 2016 at Ambassador’s Meeting Room, Germany

On April 16, 2016, WASME had a meeting with Ms. SelinaZinaJalloh, CEO of the Africa Integrated Solutions Ltd. In a brief meeting Ms. Jalloh introduced the company and stated that the company has strong base in Africa with diverse board constitution. The company is willing to expand to Indian market.


While discussing about the multidimensional activities of WASME Ms. Smapa Banerjee, Executive Director, WASME shared recent achievements of WASME In strengthening SMEs in African region especially in Bio Medical Device industry sector. Discussion was also held on finding various collaboration opportunities with the organization along with WASME membership.


The Meeting was also attended by Mr. GyanPrakashAgarwal, Secretary General and Ms. MeghaChadha, Project Coordinator, WASME


Meeting with Ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique, April 16, 2016 at Ambassador’s Meeting Room, Germany

On April 16, 2017, WASME delegates met with the H. E. Amadeu Da Conceicao, Ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique at Meeting Room of Ambassador’s office of H. E. Dr. K Jankee, Ambassador of Mauritius in Germany. The meeting was attended by the Mr. GyanPrakashAgarwal - Secretary General, WASME, Ms. Sampa Banerjee- Executive Director, WASME and Project Coordinator, WASME.


The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen the SMEs of Mozambique in Europe and India through the international cooperation in association with High Commission of Mozambique in India. It was discussed in the meeting that various MSME development agencies in Mozambique including national chamber of commerce, trade associations, that are playing significant role in the development of SMEs in the region are enthusiastic for good opportunities.


It was shared in the meeting that WASME being one of the most leading and representative organization that is promoting SMEs across the world through wide range of activities including policy advocacy, conferences, trainings &programmes, research & publication etc. Also, WASME can play a catalytic role in the development of SMEs of Mozambique through programmes, events like B2B meetings.


Closing meeting with H. E. Dr. K Jankee, Ambassador to Mauritius in Germany, April 17, 2016 Ambassador’s Office, Germany

A closing meeting was held between H. E. Dr. K Jankee, Ambassador to Mauritius in Germany and WASME delegates including Mr. GyanPrakashAgarwal, Secretary General, WASME, Ms. Sampa Banerjee, Executive Director and Ms. MeghaChadha- Project Coordinator, WASME.


As Sr. Economic Advisor and former Vice President, WASME H. E. Dr. K Jankee discussed various opportunities to strengthen the activities of WASME in Germany and catalyze the growth of SMEs in the region. Especially, Energy efficiency, renewable energy are the thriving area where WASME can significantly contribute.


Mr. GyanPrakashAgarwal and H. E. Dr. K Jankee also reiterated their commitments to strengthen the international cooperation with Germany and appreciated each other’s work for leveraging various benefits to SMEs in the region.


Retrospective Meeting with Mr. Robert Holtz, Permanent Representative, WASME April 18, 2016 at Paris, France

Mr. Robert Holtz is the Permanent Representative of WASME in France and Europe since inception and is most senior member of WASME family. Through his extensive knowledge and commitment Mr. Holtz has been really helping WASME in advancing its vision and mission of promoting SMEs in European countries.


Mr. Robert Holtz has also consistently represented WASME in various sessions, committee meetings, programmes and events of United Nation agencies in Europe like UNECE, UNESCO, UNCTADetc and actively contributed to their meetings through statements and dialogues.


On April 18, 2016, Mr. GyanPrakashAgarwal, Secretary General WASME & Ms. Smapa Banerjee, Executive Director, WASME had extremely reminiscent retrospective meeting with Mr. Holtz and his associate Ms. NoorjahanMerecar, Mr Michel Fossaert, President, Fédération des Très Petites Entreprises (FTPE) and Ms. MeghaChadha, Project Coordinator, WASME


The meeting saw many meaningful interactions on various activities of WASME in different countries across the world especially in the European countries and scope of further strengthening the activities including conferences, seminar, events, ICSME and membership etc.


It was also agreed that Mr. Holtz will continue to support in solidifying the WASME’s participation in various agencies of United Nations in Europe.


The meeting ended with felicitation of Mr. Holtz by Mr. GyanPrakashAgarwal for his continued valuable support and contribution to WASME.