Membership Details

Since its inception, WASME has been rendering quality services to its members. Our membership offers access to all facilities of WASME including right to participate in its activities, national, regional and international programmes, receive publications, circulars, literature, documents etc.

Our members support WASME’s mission to advance, promote and support SMEs in their respective country through association and collaboration mechanisms with local government bodies, regional authorities, international linkages, civil societies and SMEs.

WASME has been playing a catalytic role in setting up SMEs in different countries by facilitating linkage support, networking, setting up industrial unit, registration, taxation, etc. On the other hand interested companies of India in the different industry sectors can be introduced in member countries across the world to set up industrial unit with the local share.

WASME Membership Spectrum

WASME has members in different countries across the world. Member constituents represent industrial promotional organizations of various types from highly industrialized, developing and transition economies, as well as least developed countries. WASME has a broad membership spectrum that includes:

  • Government departments involved in SME policy making and implementation;
  • Developmental and major commercial banks and financial institutions;s
  • Chambers of commerce and industry associations;
  • SME Promotional agencies/organisations;
  • Technological institutions, credit guarantee companies, training institutions, etc.;
  • And Large enterprises.