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Ms. Sampa Banerjee - (Executive Director)

Dear Friends

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) accounts for more than 90 % of enterprises in any country and thus plays a vital role in the economic development of nations by driving employment generation, significant domestic and export earnings, Entrepreneurship, innovation and skill development.

Now nations across the world are recognizing the boundless potential of this sector and hence there is strong emphasis on creating conducive environment for the growth and development of MSMEs while mitigating innumerable challenges faced by MSMEs like restricted access to finance, inadequate skilled labour, limited access to innovative technologies, poor state of infrastructure, unawareness of government schemes and procedures and lack of proper guidance to Start-ups.

The global community in SME development are now developing crosscutting strategy that harmonizes the efforts of governments to implement sound macroeconomic policies, capability of stakeholders to develop conducive business environments, regulatory frameworks, good governance etc. and promote policy coherence at regional, national and international level.

WASME, with its global presence has been able to contribute significantly in this endeavor since its inception and welcomes all the stake holders to join hands with us to support the strengthening of MSMEs world over.