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Mr. Gyan Prakash Agrawal - (Secretary General)

Dear friends,

As we all agree that development of the private sector is extremely instrumental in the sustainable growth of an economy in both developed and developing countries. Now, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are considered as an engine for economic national growth as they contribute to national GDP and help in poverty alleviation.

Globalization, trade liberalization and technological advancement have enable world SMEs to usher in new era of opportunities to expand their global business presence. However, with extremely positive growth prospects, MSME sector is faced with unprecedented and multifaceted challenges due to which only a small part of MSME sector is able to identify and exploit these opportunities. The severity of challenges are deeper in developing and least developed countries and SMEs in these countries are yet to be leveraged by the benefits of globalization and trade liberalization.

WASME has committed itself to the cause and development of MSMEs through information dissemination and networking by using appropriate online/offline tools and successful business practices, and also influence policy makers to achieve our vision, which is:

“To build a cohesive community of micro, small, and medium enterprises, take necessary action to strengthen them, and positively impact the overall global economy.” Our concerted actions have catalyst various strategic and policy changes, partnership, capacity building of SMEs to ensure a more progressive SME sector towards the overall economic growth and will continue to do so.